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Dealing with Partisanship in Politics

Last week, on June 29, Vail Symposium’s program with Mark Gerzon attracted 90 attendees to focus on the issues we as a country face with strong partisanship in our political dialogue. Interestingly, the audience was very evenly divided philosophically with 1/3 of the audience being Republican, 1/3 Democrat and 1/3 being Independent/other. The inspiration for…

Imagine selective evolution

Imagine selective evolution By Noah Seeman, Vail Symposium Intern Register for the event with Jamie Metzl In 2003 the scientific community completed perhaps the most important scientific project ever embarked upon. That was the human genome project. Researchers successfully sequenced 3 billion base pairs in our 23 chromosomes, discovering roughly 20,000 genes. Those 20,000 genes…