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less than 10% of our income comes from ticket sales

Ticket sales from the Vail Symposium programs you love only help cover direct event costs, like venue fees, A/V set-up charges and refreshment expenses.

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We rely on donations from people like you to ensure the Vail Symposium can operate, be sustainable and, ultimately, continue to bring amazing speakers to our Vail Valley community.

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Year-round, life-long educational programs.

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Donor Levels & Benefits

*Anyone giving at the Torch Member level or higher qualifies as a major donor and a member of the Lighthouse Society.

  • Your gift of $10,000 underwrites all programs for a Vail Symposium Season (winter or summer).
  • Donors receive Flood Light member benefits plus:
  • Recognition as an underwriter at all programs for winter or summer season
  • Opportunities to attend most speaker receptions
  • Your gift of $2,500 underwrites two Vail Symposium programs.
  • Donors receive opportunities to attend at least two speaker receptions
  • Recognition as an underwriter for two programs within the year
  • Admission for four people for all programs, excluding workshops, super panels and special events
$1,500 -$2,499
Torch Underwriting Member
  • Your Gift of $1,500 underwrites one Vail Symposium Program
  • Donors receive all Torch Member benefits and recognition as an underwriter for one program
Lantern Member
  • Your gift of $500 underwrites airfare for one Vail Symposium speaker.
  • Donors receive admission for two to your choice of four programs*
Candle Member
  • Your gift of $250 helps cover the food costs for a pre-reception
  • Donors receive admission for two to your choice of two programs*
  • Your gift of $50 underwrites the discounted tickets for three students or teachers at one program

About Recurring Donations

WHY: Recurring donations ensure that we always have the resources to present the educational programs you and your community love and rely on. Recurring donations provide consistent and reliable support that we can depend on all year long.

HOW: Interested in making a monthly, quarterly or yearly recurring donation? Click here to schedule a recurring donation.

Terms & Conditions

* General program tickets and member passes are transferable. Tickets and passes are not valid for fundraisers, workshops, super panels or other events deemed “special” unless otherwise noted. Member passes are valid for one year from donation date.

Please contact James Kenly at (970)476-0954 or at jkenly@vailsymposium.org with any questions about making a donation, donor levels & benefits, or for information regarding corporate sponsor giving levels and benefits.