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9/10/20: What Kind of Ancestor Do You Want to Be?

9/3/20: Feeding 10 Billion by 2050: Innovative Technology and Thinking to Meet the Global Challenge

8/27/20: Little Fungi that Could: The Big Promise of a Small Mushroom

8/20/20: After the Virus: Emerging From Economic Catastrophe and Charting a Course Forward

8/13/20: The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Emerging Sino-U.S. Rivalry:

8/6/20: Going Nuclear: Proliferation in North Korea and Iran

7/23/20: Post-Brexit: What's Next?

7/9/20: Senseless or Smart?: Cultivating Better Risk Perception

7/2/20: Thomas Jefferson: Explore an Extraordinary, Controversial Legacy

6/25/20: Globalization: Opting Out is Not an Option

6/18/20: How Ideas Happen: Brian Kelly and Rafe Sagalyn

6/11/20: The Business of Connection: Skills to Cultivate Thriving Relationships in the Workplace

6/9/20: Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything

6/4/20: The Role of Governors During Covid-19: John Kasich & Bill Richardson, moderator-Srinivas Parinandi

5/28/20: Batter Up: Baseball and the American Dream

5/21/20: ESP, Telepathy and Clairvoyance: The Scientific Resurrection of Esoteric Magic

5/14/20: Non-Obvious Megatrends that Matter Since the Pandemic: And How to Use Them

4/30/20: Flying, Falling and Public Nudity: The Science Behind Your Dreams And Nightmares

4/9/20: The Costs of Miscommunication: Strategies for Effective Communication

3/12/20: Bad Blood: Ukraine, Russia and the United States

2/12/20: Open to the Infinite: Exploring Human Consciousness

1/30/20: Recalibrating the Scales of Justice: The Courts in America

1/23/20: Beating Burnout: Using Inspiration and Empowerment to Foster Successful Organizations

10/3/19: Tabor & Gallagher : Power to the People, or Fiscal Stranglehold?

8/13/19: One Nation, Under God: Religious Freedom in the U.S.

8/8/19: Will Feeding People Kill the Planet?:More on the Future of Food

4/9/19: Immigration, Locally : How to Protect Your Business and Advocate for Workers

3/14/19:Life Before Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives

3/4/19:The Future of Food: The Impact of Food on the Health of the Planet and Humankind


2/21/19: Your Body on Meditation : The Science Behind the Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation


2/6/19:The Energy Codes® :Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life


1/23 & 24/19:The Rise of Asia in the 21st Century:What it Means for the U.S.


11/7/18:The State of the Valley:


9/27/18: What’s Next for North Korea Policy?:


8/15/18:Art:A Matter of Mind


7/30/18:Understanding the Mess in the Middle East and Its Effects on the U.S.:


7/18/18: The Man Who Found Saddam and the Power of Listening Without Bias:


4/11/18: Workforce Trends and Human Resource Panel:


3/21/18: The Challenge of After Death Survival:


3/15/18: Katrina, Sandy and Harvey: Exploring the Relationship Between Climate Change and Extreme Weather:


12/28/17: Bitcoin and the Rise of Digital Currency: with Bill Laggner, Zach Markiewicz and Richard Bard:


12/14/17: “What Doesn’t Kill Us: How Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude and Environmental Conditioning Will Renew Our Lost Evolutionary Strength” with Scott Carney:


6/14/17: Forecast for the Future: Using Demographic Data to Plan for Eagle County with Elizabeth Garner:


6/8/17: Integrative Approaches to Patient Care with Dr. Donese Worden:


3/30/17: Connecting the Dots: Economic Impacts of a New Administration with Scott Anderson:


3/17/17: WORKSHOP – Synthesizing science and spirit through Near-Death Experiences:


3/16/17: Physicians’ Perspective of Near-Death Experiences:


3/7/17: 7 billion reasons to reconcile climate change, politics and human behavior:with Kevin Trenberth, Peter Ogden, Kim Langmaid:


12/29/16:The maestro of Gen Y money: making investments matter with Finn Kelly:


12/15/16: Colin O’Brady on breaking the Explorers Grand Slam world record:


12/1/16: Dr. Keith Rapp on a multidisciplinary approach to dementia:


10/27/16: The Great Divide Debate

10/14/16: Out and About with Sir Ken Robinson:

9/16/16: The State of Eagle County’s Economy:

3/24/16: Inside the Iran Nuclear Deal with Michael Singh

2/25/16: Can China Avoid Economic Crisis with Jamie Metzl:

1/29/16: Biking in the Backcountry with Jessica Martin:

1/14/16: Learning to Fly: Lessons from the Air with Steph Davis

4/28/15: Heather Hanson’s Live Art Demonstration

2/15/15: Sanho Tree on Marijuana and the War on Drugs

8/2/14: Road Biking with Paralympians

3/13/14: Genetically Modified Food Debate with Jeffrey Smith and Gregory Stock

8/17/11: 2011 Panel on Marijuana Legalization:


3.5.12 Tax Cuts and Ballooning Deficits: When Will It Matter?

2/20/20: While You Are Sleeping: Your Brain’s Nocturnal Pursuits

10/3/19: Tabor & Gallagher: Power to the People, or Fiscal Stranglehold?

8/19/19: Alzheimer's Enigma : New Insights Into an Old Foe

7/15/19 : Global Regression : Democracy in Crisis Larry Diamond presentation

6/27/19: Dirty Money : How Corrosive Capital Undermines Democracy CIPE Flyer

6/10/19: Engineering The Future: Advanced Manufacturing Confronts Society's Challenges

6/6/19: Dying Well: Doing Death Right and the Comfort of End of Life Visions

6/14/17: Forecast for the Future: Using Demographic Data to Plan for Eagle County with Elizabeth Garner