The Preponderance of the Evidence

Thu Jun 2, 2016
6 -
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S.Giesemann photo1The primary goal of an evidence-based medium is to validate the continuity of consciousness beyond the death of the physical body. The eternality of the soul cannot yet be proven using our current technology. However, applying the same standards used by our system of justice, we can come as close to proof as possible.

Author, spiritual teacher and evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann will discuss how providing the preponderance of evidence can change belief systems, opening minds to a far greater reality. Suzanne will share stunning evidence received from beyond the physical domain, which has been validated using scientific methods. She will reveal the keys to receiving more evidential communication with the unseen world with the goal of raising the standards and credibility of modern-day mediumship.

6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. program