Consciousness 2020

Out of this World: Everything You Think You Know About UFOs is Wrong

Mon Apr 6, 2020
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Out of this World-Everything You Think You Know About UFOs is Wrong


Was Stephen Hawking correct when he claimed that only “cranks” believe in and see UFOs? In her latest book, Professor Diana Pasulka profiles brilliant entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley whose belief in UFOs informs the creation of their innovative and game-changing technologies. But these entrepreneurs are not alone: More than half of adult Americans and more than 80% of young Americans believe in UFOs or extraterrestrial life.

Author and historian of religion Pasulka journeys through the cafes and labs of Silicon Valley to the desert of New Mexico to explore how belief in UFOs is covered up, explored, engaged and created. Pasulka reveals how UFO belief is the religion of the technological age and this belief is bolstered by the potential reality of the discovery of life on other planets, made real by NASA’s periodic press releases supporting this belief.
Stranger yet, Pasulka discovered that technology does have connections to the paranormal. The author’s interviews with technologists and her historical research into the Russian and American space programs reveals the strange and perplexing origins of rocket technologies. Pasulka draws on the latest research into digital and media technologies to reveal how the representation of the UFO passes into minds and bodies, informing memory, belief and culture.

This program is underwritten by Rob LeVine

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This Event is passed
There is no video for this event.