Geopolitical 2022

The Future of Democracy in Ukraine

Thu Oct 13, 2022
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

More than 30 years ago, the Ukrainian people made a historic choice in favor of independence and democracy. However, their vision of a fully sovereign, democratic and prosperous state has been only partially fulfilled.

There have been recent changes in some of the higher-level government officials. Prior to the Russian invasion there was a lot of discussion on the progress being made to reduce the level of corruption and Russian meddling.  Where do those issues stand now that war has intervened?

Russia is notorious for its spreading of false information and undermining democracy.  What is Russia doing in parts of Ukraine that are controlled by Russia? by Ukraine? Has Russian influence been able to penetrate Zelensky’s key circle of officials and advisors and infiltrate other important organizations besides the executive branch (the news media being one such organization)?  What is the status and impact of the September Separatist referendums in Eastern Ukraine?

Join Vail Symposium for an in-depth discussion of Ukraine’s journey to democracy. This webinar will include a discussion amongst three strong Ukrainian experts with many years of Ukrainian living, research and understanding. This panel of experts will discuss the current political structure in Ukraine, give their view on the status of the war and share how Russia and the war are impacting Ukraine’s democracy.


Sergiy Kudelia

Sergiy Kudelia

Associate Professor of Political Science

Baylor University

Sam Greene

Sam Greene

Director for Democratic Resilience

Center for European Policy Analysis

Lucan Ahmad Way

Lucan Ahmad Way

Professor, Political Science

Munk School of Global Affairs & Foreign Policy