Consciousness 2022

Pull the Plug on Stress: Tools to Adapt and Thrive During Uncertain Times

Wed Sep 14, 2022
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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How do we adapt and even thrive during such unpredictable, crazy times? While the severity of the pandemic seems to have diminished significantly, a host of other existential threats wait in the wings to grab the headlines – and our vitality.

But there’s actually hope–scientifically-validated hope–in the form of a set of tools pioneered by a California research organization.

Bruce Cryer was one of the original creators of HeartMath, a system of scientifically-validated tools, techniques and behaviors to reduce stress, enhance performance, amplify creativity and improve overall well-being. In addition to being adjunct faculty at Stanford University for 25 years and lead author for the landmark Harvard Business Review article, “Pull the Plug on Stress,” Cryer went through his own “dark night of the soul” in the form of a two-year health journey involving cancer, staph infections, immunotherapy, double hip replacement, the passing of his mother, the end of his marriage,and a mild case of shingles–all while serving as CEO of HeartMath.

His emergence from that period turned into a renaissance of his creative spirit, a level of health he had not felt in more than 25 years and newfound, youthful vitality.

Join Cryer to learn research discoveries around the breakthrough concept of coherence, as well as tools to help you build new flexibility, adaptability, resilience, and well-being in the face of ongoing uncertainty. You might even be inspired in the process.

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Bruce Cryer

Bruce Cryer

Executive Director

Integrative Health Institute