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Vail Symposium delivers timely Brexit discussion before UK elections

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Joe Jupille and Dr. Amanda Sloat

Our timing could not have been better. When we scheduled our Brexit program six months ago, we had no idea where Britain would be in the process. As it turned out, still in the scrum. Even better timing, on the day following our program, the Conservative Party was set to elect a new leader who would become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. As a result, this thorny, foreign issue was getting a lot of media attention in the United States.

Helping us to make sense of it, Amanda Sloat steered the audience through the genesis of the Brexit vote and its aftermath–from Cameron to May and now Boris Johnson. She was joined by CU professor Joe Jupille. Both seemed to be in agreement that Brexit will happen. However, they differed on what it will look like. Another point of agreement was that whatever form it took, Brexit will ultimately hurt the UK economically and politically.

Our next geopolitical program focuses on the world’s largest democracy–India. Join us on August 15 at Hotel Talisa in Vail. 

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