A conversation with CO Attorney General Phil Weiser

A conversation with CO Attorney General Phil Weiser

The Attorney General is often referred to as the people’s lawyer. It is a moniker that Attorney General Phil Weiser takes to heart. His stated purpose is to protect the rights of all Coloradans. In a wide-ranging discussion, Attorney General Weiser displayed an impressive breadth of knowledge frequently citing case law to support his legal positions. He also relies heavily on the Constitution, which he carries with him for quick reference.

Following his presentation, AG Weiser was joined by Colorado Public Radio host Jo Ann Allen. Allen deftly wove serious questions about Colorado’s participation in lawsuits against the federal government with more light-hearted questions about AG Weiser’s political ambitions.

Our next Hot Topics program also focuses on legal issues: Religious Freedom. Join us at the Beaver Creek Interfaith Chapel on August 13. 

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