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Cyberwarfare: How Disruption Becomes Destruction

Event Date Thu Sep 6, 2018
Event Time 6 PM - 7 PM

Cyberwar is a war on all fronts where countries, companies and individuals come to clash. It is, in its essence, a mosh pit of dire consequence where the pushing and shoving grow to a dangerous point. It might be difficult to grasp the damaging ramifications of non-kinetic warfare when compared to traditional, boots-on-the-ground and aerial fighting. However, as societies become increasingly reliant on digital technologies, the damage done by cyberwar and cybercrime is evolving and becoming more crucial to understand.  

Attacks on banks, companies and even governments are launched across international borders every day. It might leave you wondering just how strong are our country’s defenses, what effects could attacks of varying size have and how this all boils down to impact a society of individuals who have grown almost completely reliant on technology. Expert James Lewis will address these questions, and more, during this compelling evening program.

The Hot Topics series is generously underwritten by Cindy Engles and Kathy & Neal Kimmel.


James Andrew Lewis

James Andrew Lewis

Senior Vice President

Center for Strategic and International Studies