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Your Body on Meditation: The Science Behind the Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Event Date Thu Feb 21, 2019
Event Time 6 PM - 7 PM
Vail Interfaith Chapel19 Vail Road

Over the past two decades, there has been significant interest in mindfulness training interventions with some promising health benefits in initial randomized controlled trials. However, little is known about how mindfulness interventions get under the skin to influence health. This program describes research linking mindfulness interventions with a broad range of health outcomes and shares studies showing how mindfulness interventions change the brain and physiology in ways that may explain their health benefits.


This program is generously underwritten by Mary Lamb Lucas and Amy & Jay Regan.

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Mandy Benedict

Mandy Benedict

Certified Conscious Transformation Trainer

J. David Creswell

J. David Creswell

Associate Professor in Psychology

Carnegie Mellon University