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Aging Slower, Healing Faster: The Latest Research on Stem Cells and Staying Younger Longer

Event Date Thu Mar 28, 2019
Event Time 6 AM
Vail Interfaith Chapel19 Vail Road

As the worldwide population ages, the healthcare systems of every country–including the United States–will face significant challenges to meet the needs of an aging population.

Dr. Andrew Friedson, an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado Denver and also an Assistant Professor of Health Systems Management and Policy at the Colorado School of Public Health, is an economist who studies the health care sector. He will address health economics, discussing the growth in health care costs, the difficulties in paying for it and the idea of “bending the cost curve” so that we will be able to afford our health care in the future.

Dr. Johnny Huard is a regenerative-medicine researcher, with more than two decades of stem cell research. He is seeking ways to help the body age slower and heal faster. Anti-aging is more than vanity medicine: Unchecked, the staggering cost of healthcare for our aging population will pose a heavy financial burden on our country. Dr. Huard’s research has led to methods to delay aging by years, thus improving the quality of life for individuals and reducing healthcare costs for society.

In this program, our experts will present the whole story on health care, from the economic health of our country to interventions both innovative and accessible. Attendees will leave with actionable items to begin living younger immediately.

This program is sponsored by Vail Health and is generously underwritten by Dierdre & Ronnie Baker and Bobbie & Jim Ruh.[spacer height=”20px”]

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Dr. Johnny Huard

Dr. Johnny Huard

Chief Scientific Officer

Steadman Philippon Research Institute

Dr. Andrew Friedson

Dr. Andrew Friedson

Assistant Professor of Economics

University of Colorado, Denver