Environmental Awareness, History 2024

Why DO Dinosaurs Matter?

Thu Feb 29, 2024
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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We’ve all been there — first as a child ourselves, and then watching our children, nieces and nephews and maybe our grandchildren — imagining our cities, countryside, and oceans brimming with dinosaurs. Embrace your childlike wonder and come back in time through a vivid depiction of life in the time of the dinosaurs.

Is there really something we can learn about our future from long-extinct dinosaurs? What can paleontology teach us about our planet, climate, and the animals that roam the earth today? What, for example, connects a penguin to T. Rex? Why did T. Rex have tiny arms?

Join paleontologist Dr. Kenneth Lacovara–TED speaker, Explorers Club medalist, and discoverer of the super-massive dinosaur, Dreadnoughtus–as he ties together history, climate change, dinosaurs and our place on our planet.

Recommended reading available at The Bookworm of Edwards:

“Why Dinosaurs Matter” by Kenneth Lacovara

Event Video


Kenneth Lacovara

Kenneth Lacovara

Paleontologist and Founding Executive Director

Edelman Fossil Park & Museum of Rowan University