Arts & Culture 2021

Whistler to Cassatt: The Making of an Exhibition

Tue Sep 28, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

In this engaging lecture, Dr. Timothy James Standring, curator emeritus at Denver Art Museum, will explain the challenges he and his team faced as they worked over the last five years to present this groundbreaking exhibition on American painters in France.  He’ll untangle with wit and whimsy what he refers to as “the braided narrative of this lost chapter of American art history.”

Why did many American artists turn to France for their training during the Age of Innocence between the American Civil War and the outbreak of the First World War?  Why did some artists find life as expats preferable to returning stateside to seek their fame and fortune?  And what was the reception back in the United States for American artists who had trained abroad in France?  American Art History was never as exciting as this lecture augurs to be.


Timothy James Standring

Timothy James Standring

Gates Family Foundation Curator of Painting & Sculpture

Denver Art Museum