TEDxVail 2017: (R)Evolution

Fri Jan 6, 2017
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TEDxVail 2017: <R>Evolution 

Special Event

20+ speakers in one night

January 6, 2017

2 pm – 9 pm

The Vilar Performing Arts Center


<R>Evolution is a journey that endlessly creates itself. A continuous cultivation of new abilities, learning, trying, sharpening the senses. A grand adventure with symptoms of connectivity, love, sympathy and compassion that grant a moral compass and foster intersectional ideating. An experience enhanced by action – internal investigations, skillful listening of the spaces in between and exploration beyond borders. Through it all gives rise to a forum of solidarity and ideas worth spreading.
revolutionThe Vail Symposium will once again play a role in organizing the sixth-annual TEDxVail. Twenty or more speakers will take the stage to share their thought-provoking tales, challenge the world to abandon the status quo and to eloquently engage the sharing of ideas in order to build up a high-functioning society.
The event will be broken into sessions held from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sessions include:
  • Worlds Seldom Seen
  • Radicals and Rebels
  • Movement Moment
  • Dynamic Failure
  • Divided We Fall
Talks include: “I Am Black and an Environmentalist” by Charles Orgbon, “Schooling as if our lives depended on it” by Roshan Bliss, “Post Traumatic… Beauty” by musician Alex Woodard and more!
Visit tedxvail.com for information, tickets and event timeline.

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-This is an event organized with the help of the Vail Symposium-

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