Consciousness 2021

Hands-on Healing: The Curative Potential of Energy

Thu Feb 25, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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In many in-vivo and in-vitro experiments over the course of 40 years, Dr. Bill Bengston has reliable data that demonstrates that “healing” can cure cancer, that dose is a factor, that healing proceeds non-linearly, that it is not fundamentally “energy” but “information,” that it is not correlated to a particular state of mind but functions more as an autonomic response to the need of the healee, and that placebos are better explained by resonant bonding rather than psychological states.

Dr. Bengston’s current research includes the question of whether healing can be “captured” and “reproduced” without the healer.  In other words, can we store and independently deliver healing in a practical and scalable fashion? Selected current research on whether biological systems can recognize “stored” healing will be presented, along with work designed to measure the genomic effects of recorded “healing potential” on cancer cells in both in-vitro and in-vivo models.

During his presentation, Dr. Bengston will provide background on previous healing studies, as well as experiments indicating healing intention can be “stored” in organic and inorganic material. He will explain experiments indicating healing intention can be “recorded” using a variety of recording media. Lastly, he will offer methods to enhance healing, such as a clinical study with water and share his thoughts on going forward.

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Dr. Bill Bengston

Dr. Bill Bengston


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