The Great Divide Debate!

Wed Oct 26, 2016
6 -
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Matt Scherr HeadshotLet’s talk about divides. Besides the Continental Divide, perhaps the greatest divide in Colorado is the generational divide when it comes to political views and voting intentions. The youth vote is growing more passionate, more politically active on social media and thus more critical this election year. This young vote is thought by many to have deciding power in national, regional and even local elections.

In this fun, interactive evening event, listen to what Eagle County’s youngest voters and their more mature voting counter parts from the older generations have to say about their priorities for the next president and administration at first ever “Great Divide Debate.”

Moderated by newly elected Minturn Mayor Matt Scherr, the event will compare the ideology and passions of high school seniors from each of our Valley’s high schools with those of local adults in what is sure to be an exciting and insightful debate!



Adult Representatives
Mary Claire Silva, Rohn Robbins, Richard Carnes, Susie Kincade.

“Sadly, my generation, those born in the 60’s, has contributed little more to the American political process than a continuation of the selfish, me-first approach of our fathers. Rose-colored hindsight is fine for talk shows, but the reality is the political process has evolved with the onslaught of new technologies, and my generation needs to either evolve with it or get the hell out of the way.” – Richard Carnes

Student Representatives
Noah Seeman, BMHS; Carmen Baden, VCHS; Chloe Doctor, VMS; Parker Labine, EVHS; Katie Hancock, VSSA.

“I believe that this generation has become more aware of the election and political issues than ever before. We have been raised with information at our  fingertips. Youth now have the ability to connect with political issues on a virtual level at any time. This is an opportunity that could be used by American youth to hold out government accountable for the change and outcomes that we want.” – Katie Hancock