2020 Geopolitical

Globalization: Opting Out is Not an Option

Event Date Thu Jun 25, 2020
Event Time 6 PM - 7 PM
Zoom Webinar

We live in a global era–a time in which what happens thousands of miles away has the ability to affect our lives. Treaties and trade have been the traditional ties binding the countries of the world. Terrorism became the threat that brought faraway violence to everyone’s doorstep. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic, which first emerged in China, rapidly spread throughout the world devastating some countries, while seemingly sparing others. While it is impossible to predict what the next crisis will be or where it will originate, Dr. Richard Haass is on a mission to foster globally literate citizens. In his latest book, “The World: A Brief Introduction,” Haass provides the essential background and building blocks globally literate citizens need to make sense of this complicated and interconnected world.

In this program, Haass will discuss how to “foster globally literate citizens” with Vail Symposium favorite Jaime Metzl.

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Dr. Richard Haass

Dr. Richard Haass


Council on Foreign Relations

Jamie Metzl

Jamie Metzl

Senior Fellow

The Atlantic Council