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Food with Intention on a Fragile Planet with David Moscow

Wed Sep 6, 2023
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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We recognize David Moscow as the child actor in “Big” with Tom Hanks and “Newsies” with Christian Bale, but his childhood experiences away from Hollywood in Maine, Utah and Montana inspired his work on “From Scratch” – a Nautilus Book Gold Award Winning book and television series in which he harvests, hunts, fishes and forages for ingredients and discovers the complexity of our food system and the fragility of the ecosystems it relies on.

David Moscow, the creator and host of the groundbreaking series “From Scratch,” takes us on an exploration of our planet’s complex and interconnected food supply, showing us where our food comes from and why it matters in this discussion about global culinary adventures.

In an effort to help us reconnect with the food that sustains our lives, Moscow has spent five years traveling the world, meeting rock-star chefs and sourcing ingredients within local food ecosystems – experiences taking place in over 20 countries that include milking a water buffalo to make mozzarella for pizza in Italy; harvesting oysters in Long Island Sound, honey from wild bees in Kenya and sea salt in Iceland; making patis in the Philippines and beer in Malta.

The result is an account that marvels in the world around us while simultaneously examining the environmental issues, cultural concerns and overlooked histories intertwined with the food we eat to survive and thrive. Through the people who harvest, hunt, fish and forage each day, we come to understand today’s reality and tomorrow’s risks and possibilities.

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David Moscow

David Moscow

Creator, Executive Producer and Host

"From Scratch"