Environmental Awareness 2023

COOL: Women and Girls Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

Wed Mar 8, 2023
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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Author/photographer Paola Gianturco will share slides and stories from “COOL: Women leaders Reversing Global Warming,” the first book to document the work of women and girl climate leaders worldwide, all courageous, creative and effective.

For example, you’ll meet:

  • an Inuit woman activist in the Arctic
  • the Lord Mayor of Sydney Australia
  • a chemist who is creating bio-plastics for LEGO
  • indigenous women planting mangrove forests in Sri Lanka
  • teen-agers whose strikes have escalated awareness of climate change everywhere

Best, each of these women and girls suggest ideas that you can do to help reverse global warming.

Holly and Buck Elliott generously underwrite the Environmental Awareness series

More information to come!

Event Video


Paola Gianturco

Paola Gianturco