Weeks Like These

Weeks Like These

The Symposium just finished with a week of meetings. Meeting with our Board of Directors, meeting with our Program Committee. Phone meetings with future speakers, catching up with former speakers. Meetings with donors. Meeting with audience members who wanted to share what they liked and did not like at the Vail Symposium, and what they want to see in the future.

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

All joking aside, the staff at the Symposium enjoys weeks like these. It is a time when we get to share with all those involved how we are putting last month’s or last years ideas into next season’s reality. It is a time when we get to learn from the audience and hear how we are doing. Sometimes we miss the mark. But when we take the time to hear about it, we’ll be sure not to do it again. We also get to hear what the audience loved so we can be sure not to dismiss successful ideas in the future.

It becomes ever exemplary in weeks like these that the Symposium does not in fact belong to Tracey Flower, John O’Neill and Kristen Van Norman – the Symposium staff. It isn’t owned by Rohn Robbins and Rob Levine, and Dale and Jeannie Mosier aren’t raking in ticket sales. The Program Committee doesn’t spin a globe looking for programs.

Weeks like these make it clear that the Symposium belongs to the community.

While it may be a board room here or a conference room there that decisions are made, it is the collaboration of so many that make for the successful, wonderful seasons we have come to enjoy. Hopefully we will see the community out and enjoying our next event on Thursday of next week.

Have a great weekend,

Symposium Staff

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