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Vail Symposium addresses “Dying Well and End of Life Visions” on June 6 – links to presentations included

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Dr. Monica Williams wants you to have a good life, and a good death. She is on a mission to chip away at the taboo that surrounds the subject of death and dying in America. Most people will live long lives and see death coming long before it arrives, which provides everyone the opportunity to plan for this inevitable event.

Through humor and stories Dr. Williams imparted her advice for planning a death that brings peace and closure for the dying and their loved ones. Dr. Kerr shared his research into end-of-life visions and dreams. Similar to Dr. Williams’ message, Dr. Kerr stressed that the vast majority of patients who experience these dreams and visions are comforted by them. His research and videos of actual patients provided compelling evidence for this phenomena. 

Missed the program or simply want a recap? You can peruse Dr. Williams’ presentation here; Dr. Kerr’s presentation can be found here.

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