David Gregory

David Gregory

    David Gregory’s career in journalism has spanned more than three decades taking him across the country and around the world. He spent more than 20 years with NBC News serving as Chief White House Correspondent during George W. Bush’s presidency and Moderator of “Meet the Press.” He also worked as a political analyst for CNN.

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gregory started working as a reporter in local news at the age of 18 while a student at American University in Washington. He went on to cover the major news events of his time from the 9-11 attacks and their aftermath to the Trump presidency.

    As a young correspondent, Gregory covered the trial of Timothy McVeigh who was responsible for bombing the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, the deadliest act of terror on American soil prior to 9-11. It was during that assignment that he met his future wife, Beth Wilkinson, a government prosecutor who was instrumental in convicting McVeigh of the crime.

    Journalists are fortunate to have a front row to history. In addition to high profile crimes and trials, natural disasters and other breaking news, David witnessed and reported on the major political events at the dawn of this century. That includes the disputed election of 2000, 9-11, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He traveled the world with President Bush, covering summits, interviewing foreign heads of state and documenting a divisive political climate in America during a time of war.

    At “Meet the Press,” Gregory interviewed presidents and vice presidents, notably Joe Biden, whose remarks in favor on gay marriage led the Obama administration to publicly support a change in policy later upheld by the Supreme Court.

    A personal interest in recommitting to his Jewish faith as an adult through study and spiritual exploration resulted in Gregory’s book entitled “How’s Your Faith,?” published in 2015.

    Gregory has taught courses about the changing media landscape and its impact on our knowledge and citizenship at Tufts and Georgetown University. He serves on numerous nonprofit boards and chairs the Board of Trustees at Cardigan Mountain School in New Hampshire.

    Gregory and his wife, Beth, have three college aged children: Jed, Ava and Max.