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Vail Symposium goes off-planet with former astronauts

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Monday night’s Vail Symposium audience that gathered at The Sebastian Vail to listen to career NASA engineer Frank Buzzard and Astronauts Helms and Bridges was the most diverse audience of the summer season. Students, teachers, members of the Basalt High School aerospace club and other members of the community gathered to learn about the post-Apollo space program.

Buzzard reminded the audience that the Space Shuttle Program was initiated during the Nixon administration. Looking to the future he shared the plans for a return to the moon and eventually on to Mars.

Astronaut Bridges shared his experiences as a Shuttle pilot and the wonder and excitement of living aboard a spaceship circumnavigating the planet every 90 minutes.

Speakers with members of the Basalt High School Aerospace Club

Astronaut Helms captivated the audience with life aboard the International Space Station–from the comparison of Russian versus American meals in space to strategies for staying fit in zero gravity, to the truly international aspect of this outpost in space. 

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