Vail Symposium explores the benefits of mindfulness meditation

Vail Symposium explores the benefits of mindfulness meditation

Dr. J. David Creswell

News reports extolling the benefits of mindfulness meditation are cropping up with increasing regularity. Is there truth beyond the hype?

On Thursday, Feb. 22 at Vail Interfaith Chapel, Dr. J. David Creswell examined the research his lab at Carnegie Mellon University has conducted on the effects of mindfulness meditation with careful controlling for the placebo effect. Distinct changes in brain connectivity can be detected on┬ábrain scan images of participants versus the control group in several studies. Because of the corrosive effect stress has on the┬ábody, mindfulness meditations’ ability to diminish stress has a positive effect on the immune system. Furthermore, it has also shown promise in helping those with depression, chronic pain and opioid addiction.

Dr. Creswell provided the “why” of mindfulness meditation and Mandy Benedict provided the “how.” Following Dr. Creswell’s presentation, Mandy took the audience through a guided meditation session.

If Health and Wellness topics interest you consider joining the Vail Symposium on March 28, 2019 for “Aging Slower, Healing Faster: The Latest Research on Stem Cells and Staying Younger Faster.” 

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