Vail Symposium announces 2018-19 Winter Season

Vail Symposium announces 2018-19 Winter Season

The Vail Symposium’s 2018-19 Winter Season kicks off this week on Thursday, Dec. 6 with a special panel program on palliative care and medical aid in dying. The season is chock-full of diverse, educational and entertaining programming. Check out the season at a glance below, then visit our Events page to learn more. We look forward to seeing you this season!

12.6.18 Palliative Care and Medical Aid in Dying: Putting the Person First at the End of Life

12.10.18 Chasing Denali: The Sourdoughs, Cheechakos, and Frauds Behind the Most Unbelievable Feat in Mountaineering

12.26.18 An Evening with John Hickenlooper

1.3.19 Turbulent Times: Turkey’s Role in the Middle East

1.9.19 Increased Productivity and Decreased Stress: Better Life Balance is Achievable Through Time Management

1.10.19  In Deep: Bill Steele’s Journey to the Hidden World Beneath Our Feet

1.17.19 Fact vs Fiction: The Advent of Fake News and How to Discern the Truth

1.23-24.19 The Rise of Asia in the 21st Century: What It Means for the United States

1.28.19 “The Human Element” Film Screening

1.31.19 Mo in the Mountains

2.6.19 The Energy Codes®:  Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life

2.14.19 Fleeing Home: The Refugee Experience in the United States

2.21.19 Your Body on Meditation: The Science Behind the Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

2.28.19 Politics and the U.S. Economy

3.5.19 The Future of Food: The Impact of Food on the Health of the Planet and Humankind

3.7.19 Making News: The Quarter Century Collaboration Between Correspondent David Martin and Producer Mary Walsh

3.14.19 Life Before Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives

3.21.19 The Journey Home: Celebrating the Resiliency of the Human Spirit with the Vail Veterans Program

3.28.18 Aging Slower, Healing Faster: The Latest Research on Stem Cells and Staying Younger Longer

TBD “Weed the People”: Exploring the Medicinal Value of Marijuana

4.4.19 Dream Messages From the Afterlife

4.11.19 Immigration: How to Protect Your Business and Advocate for Workers


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