Vail Symposium addresses health care in the Vail Valley

Vail Symposium addresses health care in the Vail Valley

What are the causes of our sky-high healthcare costs in Eagle County? Big Pharma? Avaricious insurers? Something else? Our prestigious panel comprised of lawmakers and healthcare CEOs addressed the multiple variables that drive high costs in the high country. Some of those variables are common to other states, others more pronounced in rural and mountain communities.

Lack of competition was acknowledged as a powerful factor affecting costs in both Eagle and Summit Counties–both with just one hospital and limited insurer options. Due to the lack of choice and affordability in insurance, Chris Romer with the Vail Valley Partnership discussed the¬†One Valley Healthcare Program, which is technically not health insurance but does provide¬†two preventative care plans–each coupled with a medical cost-sharing membership.

The two elected officials participating in the panel were Rep. Dylan Roberts and Sen. Kerry Donovan. Each discussed healthcare legislation passed in the recent legislative session including a reinsurance option, studying the feasibility of a public healthcare option, and price caps on insulin co-pays. Our next program in the health and wellness series will focus on the latest research on Alzheimer’s and it is scheduled for Monday, August 19.

-Claire Noble

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