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Understanding the Mess in the Middle East and Its Effects on the U.S. 

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Understanding the Mess in the Middle East and Its Effects on the U.S.  

Geopolitical Series

with Ambassador Dennis Ross and Greg Dobbs

July 30, 2018

Doors open at 5:30 p.m.; presentation from 6 – 7:30 p.m.

The Sebastian – Vail | Vail

The United States has been the go-to nation in the Middle East for decades. But conflicts in the region have reached a fever pitch; wars there involve more nations than ever before and American influence there is now challenged not only by adversaries such as Russia and Iran but also by longtime allies such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Now is a time of questions: What caused this dangerous instability? Can it be reversed? Is the U.S. still in a position to be the stabilizing power there and, even if it is, can it pull it off?
Ambassador Dennis Ross has been a key player in Middle East negotiations and national security issues under four presidents — Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton and Obama — and is often asked to analyze events by major media organizations. He will talk with Vail Symposium’s Greg Dobbs, who spent much of his career as a journalist covering the Middle East, about the multiple messes in the region and give an insider’s insight into whether the US should try to keep its leadership role, what that role might be and the likely results.  
Ambassador Dennis Ross is counselor and William Davidson Distinguished Fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Prior to returning to the Institute in 2011, he served two years as special assistant to President Obama and National Security Council senior director for the Central Region and a year as special advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. For more than twelve years, Ambassador Ross played a leading role in shaping U.S. involvement in the Middle East peace process and dealing directly with the parties in negotiations. A highly skilled diplomat, Ambassador Ross was U.S. point man on the peace process in both the George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations. He was instrumental in assisting Israelis and Palestinians to reach the 1995 Interim Agreement; he also successfully brokered the 1997 Hebron Accord, facilitated the 1994 Israel-Jordan peace treaty, and intensively worked to bring Israel and Syria together.
From his “boots on the ground” news coverage in more than 80 countries around the world, particularly throughout the Middle East and Russia (as well as coverage of the U.S. space program), moderator Greg Dobbs is a professional speaker on global affairs, the author of two books (with two more in the works), and a journalist for almost 50 years, spending most of his time as a correspondent— including roughly two decades as a foreign and war correspondent— for two American television networks, primarily ABC News. He also hosted Colorado State of Mind for six years for Rocky Mountain PBS. Greg is the winner of three Emmy awards and the “Distinguished Service Award” from the Society of Professional Journalists. For many years he also wrote weekly op-ed columns, first for The Rocky Mountain News, then for The Denver Post. Greg was inducted in 2017 in the Denver Press Club Hall of Fame.
This program is generously underwritten by Gina & Jim Lorenzen and Bobbie & Jim Ruh.

Note: The doors will open at 5:30 p.m.; the program will begin at 6 p.m.

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