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Stephan Schwartz discusses how human consciousness, focused awareness

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Stephan Schwartz has been studying human consciousness for nearly 50 years. Much of his research has centered on the life of Edgar Cayce, a self-professed clairvoyant who answered questions on subjects as varied as healing, reincarnation and the after-life while allegedly in a self-induced trance.

Schwartz believed the trance was necessary for Cayce, an evangelical Christian, to separate his faith from his calling to help his fellow man. Apparently Cayce charged little to no money for his revelations and never got rich off of it. 

In addition to a discussion of Cayce’s life and work, Schwartz also expounded on the concept of intentional focused awareness. He provided historical anecdotes to illustrate the prevalence of intentional focused awareness.

In perhaps the most interesting information provided during the program, Schwartz discussed the profound impact the Council of Trent had on the course of scientific discovery and its intentional avoidance of the topic of human consciousness. 

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