Stay Younger, Longer…

Stay Younger, Longer…

The Vail Symposium seeks to provide our community with educated perspectives from recognized experts. In so doing, we hope to inform and spark conversations. This past winter season, some of our programs also provided information with the potential to enhance lives.

In March, Professor David Creswell of Carnegie Mellon University provided compelling research showing the brain-improving effects of mindfulness meditation. On March 28, Dr. Johnny Huard, the chief science officer at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute, imparted recent research on slowing the aging process with the intention of postponing or preventing many of the conditions associated with aging.

But a discussion on health and healthcare needs to address the elephant in the room: the ever-increasing cost of healthcare in America. Professor Andrew Friedson of the University of Colorado Denver presented the data confirming what most Americans have experienced–the inexorable increase in healthcare costs over the past several decades. However, the significant message from Professor Friedson’s portion of the presentation was that much of this increase has a rational, non-villainous explanation. Innovative interventions that have saved lives and improved disease detection come with a high price tag.

The Vail Symposium will continue the conversation on healthcare with a distinguished healthcare panel comprised of healthcare stakeholders from the insurance industry, hospitals and elected officials. That program is presented in collaboration with the Vail Valley Partnership and will take place on June 13, 2019. 

To see Dr. Huard’s presentation, click here.

To see Dr. Friedson’s presentation, click here.

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