John “Gucci” Foley

As the lead solo pilot for the legendary Blue Angels flight team, John “Gucci” Foley exemplifies the pinnacle of excellence, mastering the art of

Dr. George Muschler

Dr. George Muschler is a Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Biomedical Engineering at the Cleveland Clinic, with a clinical practice that

Paula Lavigne

As part of ESPN’s investigative unit since 2008, Paula Lavigne has reported on a variety of stories in sports at all levels from youth sports to

Jack Santucci

Jack Santucci is a political scientist and author of “More Parties or No Parties: The Politics of Electoral Reform in America” (2022,

David Gregory

David Gregory’s career in journalism has spanned more than three decades taking him across the country and around the world. He spent more than

Bruce Walker

Bruce Walker lived and worked in the CIA’s secret training site at Camp Hale between 1960s and 1964. A graduate of DePauw University (1953), he

Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam

Indian-Tibetan filmmakers and artists Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam have been working together for more than thirty years. After completing their

Carole McGranahan

Carole McGranahan is Professor in, and Chair of, the Department of Anthropology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and a scholar of

Ret. Maj. Gen. Mari K. Eder

Mari K. Eder, retired U.S. Army Major General, is a renowned speaker and author, and a thought leader on strategic communication and leadership.

Baxter Holmes

Baxter Holmes is a Senior Writer for ESPN, where he’s worked since the fall of 2014. He focuses on in-depth projects, features and investigations

Patty Limerick

Patty Limerick is a Professor of History of the American West. After years of work in the territory of Applied History, Patty is now the Director

Kurt Kemper

Dr. Kurt Kemper is a Professor of History and the Director of the General Beadle Honors Program. He teaches introductory history courses and