Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Rabbi Abraham Cooper is associate dean and director of Global Social Action for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading global Jewish human rights

Douglas H. Wheelock

Douglas H. Wheelock was selected by NASA in 1998. The retired Colonel has accumulated more than 178 days in space. Wheelock flew on STS-120 in

Charlie Duke

Charlie Duke is an active motivational and inspirational speaker. As an entrepreneur, business executive, military officer and astronaut, he

Kyle Cureau

Kyle Cureau is the CEO of Crone, a learning app that helps you write and think like the greatest minds of all time. At age 19, Cureau dropped out

Joshua Browder

Joshua Browder is the CEO and Founder of DoNotPay.com, the world’s first AI legal services company. DoNotPay has automated over 200

Elaine C. Kamarck

Elaine C. Kamarck is a Senior Fellow in the Governance Studies program as well as the Director of the Center for Effective Public Management at

David de Jong

David de Jong is a journalist and author. His first book, “Nazi Billionaires,” is published in the US and the UK by HarperCollins and

Mohammed Al Samawi

Mohammed Al Samawi is an interfaith activist, a refugee from Yemen, and the author of the best-selling autobiography “The Fox Hunt: A

Bill Browder

William Browder was the largest foreign investor in Russia until 2005, when he was denied entry to the country and declared “a threat to national

Neil Buethe

Neil Buethe is the chief communications officer at the U.S. Soccer Federation. He has spent 20 years in PR, marketing and communications

Nate Scott

Nate Scott is the senior director at USA Today Sports and soccer is in his veins. Born to a father who played in college and holds an ‘A’ level

Dr. Richard Haass

Dr. Richard Haass is in his 20th year as president of the Council on Foreign Relations. He previously served in the State Department under