Harry L. Gutman

Harry L. (Hank) Gutman, Of Counsel at the Washington law firm of Ivins, Phillips & Barker, has over 45 years of tax experience and expertise

Bill Laggner

Bill Laggner was an early adopter of Bitcoin and investor in Uphold, “the internet of money.” He is the co-founder of Bearing Asset

Zach Markiewicz

Zach Markiewicz is a specialist in Payments System Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City where he is responsible for gathering

Erich Rifenburgh

Erich Rifenburgh has more than 15 years of experience in negotiating with, and selling to, some of the world’s largest technology companies. He

Mike Brown

Mike Brown is the Regional President for Alpine Bank’s locations in the Vail Valley and Steamboat Springs. He began his tenure with Alpine Bank

Ellen Moritz

Ellen Moritz moved to Colorado from Minnesota in 1990 to begin her career with FirstBank. She has spent her career working at the various

Alison Felix

Alison Felix is vice president and Denver Branch executive at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Felix joined the Federal Reserve in 2007

Thomas M. Hoenig

Thomas M. Hoenig was confirmed by the Senate as Vice Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation on Nov. 15, 2012. He joined the FDIC

Mark J. Mazur

Mark J. Mazur is the Robert C. Pozen director of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center and a vice president at the Urban Institute. His research

Richard Bard

Richard Bard is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bard Capital Group, LLC, a middle-market private equity firm with a diversified