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Raphael Sagalyn

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Raphael Sagalyn is a partner with ICM Partners, one of the leading talent agencies in the world. He represents leading journalists, public intellectuals, business thinkers and novelists. His clients include: Columnists David Ignatius and Eugene Robinson and Film Critic Ann Hornaday from The Washington Post; Columnist Susan Glasser of The New Yorker; White House Correspondent Peter Baker of the New York Times; Jim Fallows and Frank Foer and Barbara Bradley Hagerty of The Atlantic. His thought leader clients include: Susan Hockfield, president emerita of MIT; Andrew McAfee and Sinan Aral and Simon Johnson of MIT; Jonathan Zittrain, who directs the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard Law School; TIME foreign affairs columnist Ian Bremmer; Robert Reich of Berkeley and Katherine Milkman at the Wharton School.

He was born and raised in Western Massachusetts and attended Tufts University and the Radcliffe (now Columbia) Publishing Procedures Course. He worked for Simon & Schuster, Little, Brown and The New Republic before becoming a literary agent. His very first client was Jim Trelease from his hometown of Springfield, MA. Trelease’s previously self-published pamphlet about reading-aloud to children was sold to Penguin and became a million-copy bestseller after “Dear Abby” called  “The Read Aloud Handbook”: “the best lifetime gift a parent can give to a child.”
Early in his career, Sagalyn wrote and packaged two books. The first, “The Great American Web Book,” a guide to the government’s services on the internet, was honored as one of the year’s best reference books by the New York Public Library. The second was a guide to the great national parks and forests and wildlife refuges and other public places in the U.S, titled “Uncle Sam’s Guide to the Great Outdoors.”

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