Amy Novak

Amy Novak

Founder | Novak Law Office

    Amy Novak founded the Novak Law office in 2005. Focusing on employment and family immigration, her firm has built a reputation for working extensively with clients to deliver successful results.

    Novak also heads up the Colorado office for the renowned law firm Green and Spiegel. As a leading national speaker and expert on temporary employment visas, she is responsible for their nationwide H-2B practice. Her extensive experience has benefited many clients throughout the country as she has skillfully maneuvered through multiple Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division audits.

    She is active in her community on behalf of immigrant rights, with a steadfast commitment to helping domestic violence victims and DACA recipients. She also works closely with local law enforcement and other advocates on a variety of human rights issues. Having lived in the area for the past 20 years and worked as a ski instructor for Vail Resorts, she has been a “sought after” counsel and adviser to local businesses.

    Novak is also a participant in both the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s local Colorado chapter and the national organization where she frequently lectures, lobbies and writes on immigration-related topics.