Melodye Feldman


In 1993, Melodye Feldman founded Denver-based Seeking Common Ground in response to the overwhelming lack of opportunities, both in the US and worldwide, for individuals (particularly girls) to acquire the skills to communicate, cooperate and cohabitate with the ‘other.’

In addition to having spent extensive time in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza meeting with government officials from both sides as well as meeting and interviewing many private Palestinian and Israeli families, peace activists, and human rights organizations, Melodye has over 25 years of non-profit experience in the United States, primarily working with women and children. She has been a consultant for the US Department of Justice as a trainer for Native American law enforcement agencies on Reservations in North Dakota.

Melodye holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy of Education and Human Services from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, and an MSW from the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work.