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Past Events and Seasons

The Vail Symposium is committed to providing year-round lifelong learning for the Vail Valley community. Here a glance at our previous seasons’ programs.

Winter 2020

12.12.19 Charting Destiny: The Power of Maps to Influence Historical Change in America

12.16.19 Special Addition: Will He Stay or Should He Go? Impeachment in America

12.29.19 Return to the Reich: A Hero’s Journey of Vengence and Triumph

1.9.20 Dying of Whiteness: How Racial Resentment is Decimating America’s Heartland

1.13.20 Iran in Turmoil? Prospects for Change

1.13.20 Iran in Turmoil? Prospects for Change

1.16.20 Uncommon Endurance: Two Elite Athletes in Two Tough Sports

1.23.20 Beating Burnout: Using Inspiration and Empowerment to Foster Successful Organizations

1.27.20 “Into the Canyon”: Film Screening and Q&A with Director Pete McBride

1.30.20 Recalibrating the Scales of Justice

2.6.20 The Sun is a Compass: A Human-Powered Adventure Across Alaska

2.12.20 Open to the Infinite: Exploring Human Consciousness

2.20.20  While You Are Sleeping: Your Brain’s Nocturnal Pursuits

2.24.20  Wind, Solar, Nuclear and Beyond: Powering the Future

3.5.20  Tax Cuts and Ballooning Deficits: When Will It Matter?

3.12.20  Bad Blood: Ukraine, Russia and the United States

3.16.20 Imagining Freedom: Timothy Standring Curates Norman Rockwell

Summer 2019

6.6.19 Dying Well: Doing Death Right and the Comfort of End of Life Visions

6.10.19 Engineering the Future: Advanced Manufacturing Confronts Society’s Challenges

6.13.19 Healing What Ails Us: Affordable Healthcare In Our Community

6.17.19 West of the Imagination: Time Travel To 1869 with Explorer John Wesley Powell

6.24.19 Puccini’s “Tosca”: An Immersive Introduction

6.27.19 Dirty Money – How Corrosive Capital Undermines Democracy

7.10.19 An Opera Conductor’s Guide to “Tosca”

7.12.19 Meet the Director and Cast Member of “Tosca”

7.15.19 Global Regression: Democracy in Crisis

7.22.19  Brexit Bedlam: What it Means for Britain and the World

7.29.19  Protecting the Rights of Coloradans: Attorney General Phil Weiser’s First Six Months on the Job

8.8.19  Will Feeding People Kill the Planet? More on the Future of Food

8.13.19  One Nation Under God: Religious Freedom in the U.S. 

8.15.19 Leapfrogging Into the Future: The Digital Revolution in India

8.19.19 Alzheimer’s Enigma:  New Insights Into an Old Foe

8.26.19 Talking to Robots: Tales from Our Human-Robot Futures

9.4.19 Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

9.9.19 An Evening of Colorado Ranching – History and Art

9.16.19 An Evening with the Ambassadors: A Geopolitical Conversation with Ambassadors Hussain Haqqani and Christopher Hill

9.23.19 Finding Friendship and Healing in the Aftermath of Near-Death Experiences

9.24.19 Workshop: Finding Your Answers

10.3.19 Tabor and Gallagher: Power to the People or Fiscal Stranglehold?

10.7.19 To Infinity and Beyond: America’s Space Program Now and In the Future

10.21.19 High Country Sci-Fi: Explore the Literature of Ideas with a Panel of Science-Fiction Writers

Winter 2018-19

12.6.18  Palliative Care and Medical Aid in Dying: Putting the Person First at the End of Life

12.10.18  “Chasing Denali: The Sourdoughs, Cheechakos, and Frauds Behind the Most Unbelievable Feat in Mountaineering”

12.26.18  An Evening with Governor Hickenlooper

1.3.19  Turbulent Times: Turkey’s Tenuous Relationship with the West

1.09.19 Increased Productivity and Decreased Stress: Achieve Better Life Balance Through Time Management

1.10.19 In Deep: Bill Steele’s Journey to the Hidden World Beneath Our Feet

1.17.19 Fact vs Fiction: The Advent of Fake News and How to Discern the Truth

1.23 and 24.19  The Rise of Asia in the 21st Century: What It Means for the United States

1.28.19  “The Human Element” film screening

1.31.19  Mo in the Mountains

2.6.19  The Energy Codes®:  Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life

2.12.19  Fleeing Home: The Refugee Experience in the United States

2.21.19  Your Body on Meditation: The Science Behind the Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

2.28.19  Politics and the U.S. Economy 

3.4.19  The Future of Food: The Impact of Food on the Health of the Planet and Humankind 

3.5.19  Making the News: The Quarter Century Collaboration Between Correspondent David Martin and Producer Mary Walsh

3.14.19  Life Before Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives

3.21.19 The Journey Home: Celebrating the Resiliency of the Human Spirit with the Vail Veterans Program

3.28.19 Aging Slower, Healing Faster: The Latest Research on Stem Cells and Staying Younger Longer

4.9.11  Immigration, Locally: How to Protect Your Business and Advocate for Workers

Summer 2018 

6.3.18  Life After Cancer: How to Not Only Manage, but Thrive 

6.13.18 How the Railroads Built Colorado

6.20.18 An Insider’s Look at Lobbying in America

6.28.18 After Engagement: The Unfolding U.S.-China Strategic Competition and What It Means for Global Peace and Prosperity

7.12.18 The Health of America: Health Care Policy, the ACA and the Opioid Crisis

7.18.18  The Man Who Found Saddam and the Power of Listening Without Bias

7.30.18 Understanding the Mess in the Middle East and Its Effects on the U.S. 

8.2.18  Debunking Death: The Science of Reincarnation and Eternal Life 

8.3.18  Workshop: An Evening of Interdimensional Communication / Spirit Communication

8.8.18  Africa Matters: A Perspective on U.S.-Africa Relations 

8.15.18  Art, a Matter of Mind

8.20.18  “Rembrandt: Painter as Printmaker” Pulling Together the Exhibition 

9.6.18  Cyberwarfare: How Disruption Becomes Destruction

9.11.18  Rocky Roads or Smooth Sailing? A Discussion on the State of Transportation in Colorado

9.13.18  Russian Attacks on Democracy: What’s Next?

9.20.18  Enviromedics: Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health

9.27.18 What’s Next for North Korea Policy? 

10.3.18 The Law of the Colorado River: Conflict and Collaboration

10.10.18 Inside House of Darkness, House of Light: The Real Story of “The Conjuring”

10.11.18 Orbs and the Afterlife: Survival of the Soul

10.18.18 Land Conservation vs Development: What Will Be Our Legacy?

11.7.18 The State of the Valley

Winter 2017- 2018

12.7.17  Making the Crooked Straight: Creating Medical Miracles in Ethiopia

12.11.17  Exploring Colorado’s Wintry World: A Photographic Journey

12.14.17  What Doesn’t Kill Us: How Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude and Environmental Conditioning Will Renew Our Lost Evolutionary Strength

12.28.17  Bitcoin and the Rise of Digital Currency

1.4.18  From Qadhafi to Chaos: Libya’s Centrality in Western Geostrategy and the Fight Against Jihadism

1.11.18  Film Screening: Chasing Coral

1.17.18  The Push: A Climber’s Journey of Endurance, Risk and Going Beyond Limits with Tommy Caldwell

1.24 & 25.18  Is It the End of the World as We Know It? Addressing Geopolitical Concerns in a Time of Uncertainty 

1.31.18  Ensuring the Upper Hand: Best Practices for Negotiations

2.7.18  Women’s Health Care in the Vail Valley: Where We Were, Where We Are and Where We Need to Be

2.22.18  Thursday Night Live with SNL’s Director, Don Roy King

3.1.18  Show Me the Money: Understanding the Role of Money in Our Economy

3.8.18  Adventurers Giving Back

3.15.18  Katrina, Sandy and Harvey: The Effect of Climate Change on Extreme Weather

3.21.18  The Challenge of After Death Survival: Finding Common Ground Between Science and Spirituality

3.22.18: Workshop: Impossible Truths: Exploring Research at the Boundary Where Science and Mystical Experience Meet 

4.6.18  Dodging the Nuclear Bullet

4.7.18  A Collection of Consciousness: Curated Selections

4.11.18  Workforce Trends and Human Resource Professional Panel

Summer 2017

6.8.17  Integrative Approaches to Patient Care

6.9.17  Workshop: Transformational “AHa!” Moments in Medicine

6.14.17  Forecast for the Future: Using Demographic Data to Plan for Eagle County

6.29.17  The Reunited States of America: Turning Political Differences Into Opportunities

7.11.17  Beyond the Bottle with Chiara Boschis

7.19.17  Tackling Depression and Mental Illness in Colorado

7.24.17  Searching for the Dead Sea Scrolls

8.1.17  The History and Future of the Eagle Mine

8.2-3.17  NIMBY Jamboree: Creating a Healthy Community Through Workforce Housing

8.9.17  Exploring Afro-Cuban Jazz

8.14.17: Banksy and Beyond: Exploring Street Art

8.16.17: Vail Symposium Summer Film Series: Valley Uprising

8.23. 17:  Vail Symposium Summer Film Series: An Evening of Shorts

8.30.17: Vail Symposium Summer Film Series: Third Eye Spies

8.19.17  Cells to Society: Uncommon Insights to Understanding, Treating and Preventing Common Cancers

9.6.17  Vital Voices: The Power of Women Leading Change Around the World

9.14.17  The Final Frontier: The Present and Future of Space Exploration

9.21.17  The Mystery of the Crop Circles

9.22.17  Workshop: Varieties of Extraterrestrial Beings and Encounters

11.2.17  Educate! 2017  Equity and Deeper Learning

11.16.17  “Edvonavail”: Regional Cooperation and Consolidation

Winter 2016 -2017 

12.01.16  Fears and Facts: A multidisciplinary approach to dementia

12.15.16  Beyond 7/2: Breaking the explorer’s grand slam world record

12.29.16  The maestro of Gen Y money: Making investments matter

1.05.17  Disruptive Energy Futures with Amory Lovins

1.18.17  2016 key election ballot outcomes: What’s next?

1.25.17  The eye, inspiration and passion for collecting: C.M. Russell & the old American West

2.09.17  Hacking immortality: The science and science fiction of extreme human life extension

2.16.17  Bold impressions: Innovating the entertainment experience

2.23.17  The economics of beer

3.09.17  7 billion reasons to reconcile climate change, politics and human behavior

3.16.17  Physicians’ perspectives of near-death experiences

3.17.17  Workshop! Synthesizing science and spirit through near-death experiences

3.21.17  No Barriers with Erik Weihenmayer

3.23.17  Celebrate 45 years of the Vail Symposium

3.30.17  Connecting the dots: Economic impacts of a new administration

4.06.17  SPECIAL ADDITION – Illuminating Life: An evening with Dr. Geoff Tabin and Timmy O’Neill

4.13.17  Military witness accounts, nuclear missile shutdowns and evidence of ET visitation

4.14.17  Workshop! Abductees and contactees: Are they making it up?

4.17.17  Living amidst nuclear nightmare: A chill in the air

4.20.17  Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind

4.21.17  Workshop! The nature of consciousness: can we reconcile scientific and experiential perspectives

Summer 2016

6.02.16  The Preponderance of the Evidence

6.03.16  WORKSHOP! Awakened Living 301: The Advanced Course for Those Living on the Earth Plane

6.06.16  For the Love of…Golf

6.14.16  The Economic Status of Women in Colorado

6.20.16  Special Event: A Day With Vu Le – Exploring Equity and Community Building

6.28.16  Healthcare in the High Country

7.12.16  On Putin and Russia

7.25.16  Online Education: A Vital and Vibrant Educational Pathway

7.30.16  To Cure Cancer: How Science and Medicine are Battling the World’s Most Deadly Disease

8.01.16  Degas’ Escape: Affirming While Obliterating His Marks on Paper and Canvas

8.22.16  Putting Total Health Back into Health Care: Widening the Aperture

9.08.16  The Perils of Human Trafficking

9.14.16  State of Eagle County’s Economy

9.16.16  Inner and Outer Time: Navigating the Future

9.17.16  Workshop! A Mini-course in Self and Distance Healing

9.20.16  Republican vs. Democratic Debate: How to Make Washington Work Again

9.23.16  On The Quest For A Life Of Meaning: The Jeweled Highway

9.24.16  Workshop! Journey Into the Lost Spiritual History

9.27.16  Legal But Limited: Marijuana’s Long Road to Medical Application

10.14.16  Educate!

10.20.16  The Exploding Possibilities of 3-D Printing

10.26.16  The Great Divide Debate 

11.1.16  A Look at Workforce Housing in Eagle County

Winter 2016

1.4.16  Right to Die

1.8.16  8 Laws of Change

1.14.16  Learning to Fly

1.19.16  Marketing to the Luxury Mindset

1.21.16  Biking in the Backcountry

1.25.16  Stories I Tell Myself

1.28.16  Stem Cells

2.2.16  On Sweat, Sport and Determination

2.4.16  Confessions of a Phone Addict

2.8.16  No Man’s War

2.11.16  Speaking Financially

2.15.16  Astrobiology & The Real Possibility of Extraterrestrial Life

2.25.16  Can China Avoid Economic Crisis

3.3.16  How Video Games are Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

3.14.16  Near & Shared Death Experiences

3.15.16  Workshop – Engaging Free Will

3.15.16  Workshop – Shared Death Experiences

3.17.16  The Middle East Refugee Crisis

3.21.16  Out of Body Experiences

3.22.16  Workshop – Out of Body Experiences – Multidimensional

3.22.16  Workshop – Out of Body Experiences Monroe Institute

3.24.16  Inside the Iran Nuclear Deal

3.28.16  The Exoconscious Human