Chris Cochran

Executive Director


David Martin

National Security Correspondant

CBS News

Mary Walsh

National Security Producer

CBS News

Dr. Jim B. Tucker

Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences

University of Virginia

Lieutenant Jason Redman

Founder and Executive Director

ComWounded Coalition / Wounded Wear


Captain Dawn Halfaker

Founder and CEO

Halfaker and Associates

Colonel Gregory D. Gadson

Managing Partner

Patriot Strategies, LLC

Dr. Johnny Huard

Chief Scientific Officer

Steadman Philippon Research Institute

Dr. Andrew Friedson

Assistant Professor of Economics

University of Colorado, Denver

Gary Woodworth

President and CEO

Gallegos Corporation

Amy Novak


Novak Law Office

Jennifer Law

Human Resources Director

Vail Resorts

Jonathan Grode

Practice Director

Green and Speigel

Brad W. Setser

Senior Fellow for International Economics

Council on Foreign Relations

John Pomfret


Washington Post