2018 Geopolitical

What’s Next for North Korea Policy?

Event Date Thu Sep 27, 2018
Event Time 6 PM - 7 PM
The Antlers at Vail680 W. Lionshead Place

North Korea continues to be a country regarded with fascination and, at times, fear. Shrouded with an air of mystery, the inner workings of North Korea’s government, including its enigmatic leader Kim Jong-un and his family, remain unfathomable to the majority of Americans.

Join the Vail Symposium for a very special evening that will explain and enlighten audiences about this often perplexing country. Expert Jung H. Pak will share insight into what makes Kim Jong-un tick, including his childhood, family influences and his time outside North Korea. From the transition of power from his father, Kim Jong-il, to his rise to absolute power at any cost, including assassination, Pak will share her extensive knowledge, including an analysis of the Trump Administration’s policy on North Korea and how North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been maneuvering despite the US “maximum pressure” strategy. She will also offer an outlook for what we are likely to see in the coming months.


Jung H. Pak, Ph.D

Jung H. Pak, Ph.D

Senior Fellow

Brookings Institute