Consciousness 2023

A Harmony of Science and Spirituality

Thu Sep 28, 2023
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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Gary Gilman generously underwrites the Consciousness series
Cindy Engles generously underwrites the summer season of programming

Many years ago, Archedon’s out-of-body experience produced a direct encounter in the higher dimensional realm. Today, after tabulating the precise descriptions of visitors to that realm from across the globe, he has articulated the nature of reality — the Continuum of Existence — and demonstrated scientific validation utilizing Commercial Machine Learning Algorithms and AI-driven narrative analysis to objectively establish ontological axioms and predict future experiences. This talk promises to deliver a unique and enlightening perspective on the multi-dimensional aspects of our existence, supported by scientific inquiry and empirical evidence.

During this program, you will have the opportunity to:

Explore the reality of your past, gaining a deeper understanding of your journey and the purpose of earthly life. The presentation will be grounded in scientific rigor, ensuring that every claim is supported by a wealth of data and the scientific method.

Engage with “The Hard Problem of Spirituality,” a new question that challenges the materialist theories of consciousness. This intriguing inquiry will delve into a unique mystery of the mind, addressing a new aspect beyond the bounds of currently elucidated consciousness frameworks.

Learn about open testing and verifiability of a clearly defined Higher Dimensional Realm. The presentation will offer a simple method to test its validity independently. Additionally, specific predictions about future spiritual experiences will be shared, offering glimpses into what lies ahead.

Contemplate the worldview that emerges from this new knowledge. As part of this global presentation, Archedon has compiled the world’s largest reservoir of narrative statements describing foundational reality. This enables a crystal-clear picture of the interconnectedness of the varieties of spiritual experience.

Envision the potential future that awaits humanity. By attending this event, you will gain insights into the transformative power that arises from the confidence of knowing who we are and life’s previously hidden purposes.

We embark on a fascinating journey that merges scientific inquiry and spiritual exploration. Prepare to challenge existing paradigms, and gaze anew at a world imbued with profound meaning and zest.

Archedon is that special combination of scientific experimentalist and spiritual seeker. He encountered the Great Being of many names, personally.

Event Video