Speaking Locally 2022

Start the Ski Season with a Workout for Your Service Mindset

Tue Dec 6, 2022
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
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UPDATE: This program has been canceled. We will update you if it is rescheduled for a later date. 

Ski season is here–an opportunity to connect with guests new and old. But the past two years have been difficult and many employers–and employees–may be starting the season with a less than enthusiastic service mindset.

Did you know that…

  • Most customers don’t complain?
  • More than  28% of complaining customers never hear an apology?
  • Up to 70% of customers walk away after complaining feeling worse than if they had never complained in the first place?
  • Complaints can be viewed as emotional opportunities?
  • Complaints handled well can create stronger relationships with customers than if there had never been a complaint in the first place?

Before you start this season the same as all of the others, Dr. Janelle Barlow is here to help you reset your service mindset. Barlow is the author of the bestselling business book “A Complaint is a Gift,” published in 25 languages. Since the book first came out two decades ago, the response to Barlow’s approach to complaints in the marketplace has been adopted as the standard service and sales recovery mind-set for hundreds of organizations in dozens of industries around the world. A second edition came out about 10 years ago, reinforcing her approach to complaint handling; now the third edition has just been released.

Barlow is creative and entertaining while drawing upon her broad educational background and practical management experience. She always customizes her content to her audiences with the goal that people who handle complaints use practical, effective tools so long-term relationships can be formed — especially in today’s post-pandemic world where every customer is particularly valuable.

In this program, Barlow will cover why complaints are gifts; five myths about complaints and adopting a “Complaint Is a Gift” mind-set. She’ll also share the “Complaint Is a Gift” formula; five principles that will impact your hospitality online reputation and three power tools for complaint handling.

This Event is passed
There is no video for this event.