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Clap On: Navigating the Energy Transition

Event Date Thu Feb 4, 2021
Event Time 6 PM - 7 PM
Zoom Webinar

Changing patterns of global energy use may have unexpected and nonintuitive winners and losers. How might world energy usage evolve in the coming decades and what will be the impacts? Is it possible to eliminate fossil fuels entirely, or we will continue to use some fossil fuels well into the future? When will be the tipping point when renewables exceed fossil fuels in U.S. energy generation? What is hastening or slowing this transition? And who will be winners and losers?

Join energy experts Morgan Bazilian of the Colorado School of Mines and Alice Jackson, CEO of Xcel Energy Colorado as they peer into our energy future and provide an idea of what to expect.


Alice K. Jackson

Alice K. Jackson


Xcel Energy – Colorado

Morgan Bazilian

Morgan Bazilian

Director of the Payne Institute

Colorado School of Mines