Great Decisions 2022

Great Decisions: Industrial Policy

Wed Jun 15, 2022
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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The current discussion of industrial policy in the United States is not simply about whether or not to support specific companies or industries, but about trust or mistrust of the government and its ability to manage the economy and deal with a rising China. The upheaval in supply chains during the pandemic exposed weaknesses in the international economy. What policies can the United States implement to deal with trade and the economy?

Great Decisions is America’s largest discussion program on world affairs. The program model involves reading the Great Decisions Briefing Book, provided when you register for the program. The reading will take about an hour.

The program itself consists of three parts:

  • Watch the documentary film (about 30 minutes)
  • Enjoy small group discussion (about 30 minutes)
  • Come back together to compile small group findings (approximately 30 minutes)

To learn more about the Great Decisions program, watch this video.

Links to the materials will be sent to registered attendees. This program will take place from 6-7:30 p.m.
****Please register by June 10 to receive materials****

Cindy Engles graciously underwrites our summer series.
Alpine Bank graciously sponsors our virtual programs.