2017 Consciousness

WORKSHOP! – Varieties of Extraterrestrial Beings and Encounters

Event Date Fri Sep 22, 2017
Event Time 9 AM
Colorado Mountain College150 Miller Ranch Road

Barbara Lamb will share little known details, based on her years of experience and research on the subject, about the extraterrestrial beings that visit many humans and take them for a variety of encounters. Lamb has counseled and assisted 1,750 plus people in recovering the details of their extraterrestrial encounters through hypnotic regressions.

Using photos to illustrate her examples, Lamb will show a variety of these beings and talk about the kinds of procedures and activities they perform during a visit and the agendas they seem to have with humans. There are many beings that differ significantly from the typical gray aliens and reptilian beings that are so commonly depicted in the media.  These beings include various stages of hybrid beings, some of whom live here on earth with the rest of us. They also include spiritually advanced, unconditionally loving beings.

Whether or not you have paid attention to these encounters, or no matter what you may already know about extraterrestrial beings, this presentation will expand your view of the whole mysterious phenomenon.


Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb

Crop Circle Researcher