2018 Environmental Awareness

Enviromedics: Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health

Event Date Thu Sep 20, 2018
Event Time 6 PM - 7 PM
The Antlers at Vail680 W. Lionshead Place

“As we advance into the twenty-first century, humanity faces an unprecedented challenge to environmental health in climate disruption due to global warming,” writes Dr. Harvey Fineberg in the foreword to Drs. Jay Lemery and Paul Auerbach’s book, “Enviromedics.” Though many of us have concerns about the effects of climate change on Earth, we often overlook the essential issue of human health.

The global environment is under massive stress from centuries of human industrialization and the projections regarding climate change for the next century and beyond are grim. The impact this will have on human health is tremendous and we are only just now discovering what the long-term outcomes may be. However, there are strategies to prepare for—and prevent—these impacts, especially in vulnerable communities.

Join us for this special program that will help clarify the science, dispel the myths and help guests understand the threats of climate change to human health, both physically and emotionally.

This program is presented in partnership with Walking Mountains Science Center. The Environmental Awareness series is generously underwritten by Holly & Buck Elliott.



Dr. Jay Lemery

Dr. Jay Lemery

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

University of Colorado

Dr. Kim Knowlton

Dr. Kim Knowlton

Senior Scientist and Deputy Director

National Resources Defense Council