2019 Hot Topics

Engineering the Future: Advanced Manufacturing Confronts Society’s Challenges

Event Date Mon Jun 10, 2019
Event Time 6 PM
Colorado Mountain College150 Miller Ranch Road

The future is now. We may not have flying cars or teleportation devices yet, but if it’s innovative, advanced technology that has the potential to impact our daily lives, the Grainger Institute for Engineering may already be working on it. The Institute is a research accelerator designed to create knowledge and technologies that address critical societal challenges.
Starting with advanced manufacturing as a core incubation area, research efforts have grown into a diverse spectrum of advanced technologies that affect our daily lives. For example, the use of new manufacturing technologies coupled with enhanced computer methods in machine learning are techniques that also translate into the future of health care and even driverless cars. New manufacturing methods such as additive manufacturing (also called 3D printing) are not only revolutionizing parts that we use every day, but also provides a platform for biomanufacturing “parts” for the human body.
Join Dr. Dan Thoma, director of the Grainger Institute for Engineering at the UW-Madison College of Engineering, for an in-depth discussion of how engineering will impact the future in areas such as biomanufacturing, neuroengineering, energy and sustainability, advanced manufacturing, and machine learning and optimization.

This program is generously underwritten by Rob LeVine and Ann & Tom Rader. The Hot Topics Series is generously underwritten by Kathy & Neal Kimmel


Dr. Dan Thoma

Dr. Dan Thoma

Director of the Grainger Institute for Engineering

University of Wisconsin - Madison