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David vs Goliath: Colorado Takes on Big Tech

Tue Jun 29, 2021
6 PM - 7 PM
Zoom Webinar

In a display of broad bipartisan consensus–rare in today’s climate of highly partisan politics–attorney’s general from red and blue states alike have joined a lawsuit alleging Google has abused its control over online search and squeezed out potential competitors. The federal government has filed a similar suit against Google as multiple governments attempt to rein in the unbridled power of tech companies.

What concerns many is that Google not only runs roughshod over competitors but also takes advantage of its uses by gathering vast amounts of data for which users are not compensated and for which there is little transparency.

Google insists its methods are all in the service of providing users the most relevant results. These lawsuits, according to Google, would redesign search and ultimately hurt both users and businesses.

While details of what a Google break-up would look like are currently vague, the overall idea is to restore competition to the online search marketplace. Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser will be joined in conversation by Colorado Public Radio justice reporter Allison Sherry to discuss Colorado’s participation in the suit and what the plaintiff states hope to achieve.


Allison Sherry

Allison Sherry


Colorado Public Radio

Phil Weiser

Phil Weiser

Attorney General

State of Colorado