Conversations on Controversial Issues 2023

Conversations on Controversial Issues moderated by Clay Jenkinson: Native Americans Now – A Path Forward with Water, Land and Sovereignty

Wed Aug 16, 2023
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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In the news, stories about substance abuse, violence, and poverty in Native American communities overlay complicated conflicts around renaming geographic landmarks, oil and gas pipelines, and cultural appropriation. At the same time, climate activists celebrate the Native American approach to land and resource management, land acknowledgment statements are gaining traction, and Native Americans are increasingly at the decision-making tables across the country.

Native Americans are asserting themselves as never before on questions of water, sovereignty, law enforcement, education, land occupancy and restoration, and cultural genocide.

Most of us are not very well informed on this subject and are a little intimidated to begin.

What complicity do the white people of our time have in the long, sad history of tribal relations in America? Will Land Acknowledgement Statements and Land Restorations help? What, if anything, do Native Americans want from non-Native Americans? Is it possible to envision cultural healing, a path forward that accords equal rights and equal agency to both cultures? What are the continuing flashpoints?

Join Clay Jenkinson and our esteemed panelists for an exploration of Native American issues in recent history and into the near future.

NOTE: On June 21, 2023, Clay presented “Native Americans Essential Understanding: 10 Things You Should Know” to provide a historical and cultural context for this conversation – we strongly recommend viewing the recording!

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Timothy Purdon

Timothy Purdon

Co-Chair, American Indian Law and Policy Group

Robins Kaplan LLP

Robert A. Williams, Jr.

Robert A. Williams, Jr.

Regents Professor, E. Thomas Sullivan Professor of Law and Faculty Co-Chair

University of Arizona Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program

Clay Jenkinson

Clay Jenkinson


Dakota Sky Education, Inc.