Unlimited Adventure 2022

Cold Comfort: Investigating a Mysterious Disappearance on Everest

Wed Feb 23, 2022
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Marco Siffredi was the first person to make a complete snowboard descent of Mount Everest in 2001 and was regarded by many as the world’s best snowboarder. But the following year, in 2002, Marco mysteriously disappeared on Everest while attempting a more difficult route known as Hornbein Couloir, an unrelentingly steep, difficult-to-access route with a high failure rate.

Jeremy Evans was granted exclusive interviews with Marco’s family and friends. In his book, Evans attempted to solve Everest’s greatest mystery in nearly a century while exploring Marco’s pursuit of a dream, his love of freedom and adventure and how his French family was forever altered by his loss.

Evans will be joined in conversation by legendary local mountaineer Ellen Miller, the first American woman to complete the Everest trilogy. Their conversation will probe the disappearance of Marco, the pursuit of an Everest summit and mountaineering in general.


Ellen Miller

Ellen Miller


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