Special Event 2021

Clay Jenkinson: One Man, Two Presidents, Two Nights

Tue Aug 31, 2021
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Sickly as a child, Theodore Roosevelt was determined to extract the most out of life. His triumph over his infirmities converted him into an advocate for the strenuous life. His biography contains enough adventure for multiple lives: New York City police commissioner; South Dakota rancher; New York governor; Spanish-American War hero; Vice-President and, ultimately, President of the United States.
Following the assassination of President McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as the youngest President in the nation’s history at 42-years-old. Known as a man of vigor and purpose, he brought that attitude into the White House. As president, Roosevelt is best known for progressive reforms, trust-busting, and an aggressive foreign policy. For those out West his enduring legacy is as the originator of America’s magnificent national park system.
President Theodore Roosevelt is brought to life by historian Clay Jenkinson. Jenkinson’s presentations have become the national model for scholars interpreting historical figures in the Chautauqua format. In this three-part program, Jenkinson will first appear to the audience in character as President Roosevelt. Following remarks as the 26th president, he will then take questions as Roosevelt. In the final segment, Jenkinson will come out of character and answer audience questions at a modern-day historian.


Clay Jenkinson

Clay Jenkinson


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